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Each premade Workshop can be designed to your specifications. You decide how long the workshop will run in terms of one day, one week, weekly or even yearly.

Little Princess Ballerina 
Enrollment Limit: 50max 
Attire: Regular Clothing, Dance Attire or , comfortable princess attire. Ballet slippers, Long hair must be pulled
back into a bun; short hair may be clipped back away from face.
Ballet Shoes or Slippers
Every little girl wants to be a princess and a ballerina. This brings to you a class for your child to learn to be a ballerina which requires poise and elegance just like being a princess. In this class your child will learn basic ballet as well as manners that encourage your little princess to the best she can be. This class is loads of fun designed with games, tea parties, and even a real princess ballerina for a teacher. What little princess wouldn’t enjoy this?
In this camp: Its encouraged for your child to come dressed in her favorite princess wear.
Young Hollywood:
Enrollment Limit: 25max
Attire: Loose, comfortable clothing, Long hair must be pulled
back; short hair may be clipped back away from face.
Jazz/Tennis Shoes
Allow your child to be the star that they are! This is designed to make your child feel just like the stars they see on the Disney channel! They will learn theater, jazz and Broadway routines! As well as singing, acting and even modeling skills! At the end there will even be a small red carpet award show held for the children.  You will get the option  to take home a tape of skits and dances that your child has performed!

Praise Dance

Enrollment Limit: Unlimited

Attire: Liturgical wear, Leotard with Skirt, Leggings with a wrap skirt, loose fitting t shirt. Please secure long hair.

Extras: Ribbons, Banners, Tambourines and Streamers.

In this class students learn to dance for the Lord. Dance is a huge form of worship that is often forgot or looked down upon but when done right is a wonderful moving and healing way to worship! In this class students will learn routines that will be expressive, give a message and puts all focus on God.

Kids Zone

Enrollment Limit: 50max
Attire: Loose, comfortable clothing
Dance Shoes/ Sneakers
This class is jammed packed with fun! It combines aerobics, funk and cheer! This class is designed to teach your children to eat healthy and be fit while having fun learning to dance!


Custom Made Workshops and Programs

Are Great!!! You decide the style when and where and together we will work on a Workshop/Program to fit your needs. Here are just a list of suggestions

*Performance Enchancement


*Stretch and Tone

*Adult Workshops

-Sassy Fitness

-Learn to Dance




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