"Having Shanta as a choreographer was such an amazing opportunity for me. She choreographed all the shows I was in for ACE Show Choir at Linden High School. She pushed us to the max because she saw something in us that we did not see in ourselves. As the years passed with Monday night rehearsals, I grew a special love for her. She is such an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others as well. Without having her as my choreographer I would not have gained the amount of confidence that I have. She is an amazing dancer and person over all."- Mariah Peoples, Student

"As a performer Shanta lights up the stage the moment she walks on it. Her moves are precise as I've ever seen. Her dedication and enthusiasm is paramount."-Karen Lyon, Parent

"You need to release your inner Sasha Fierce because everyone has some"- Chelsey Jones, Student

"Shanta is a magnificent performer,and amazing teacher,she has the positive energy that she pass on to the kids, very dedicated at what she does, always count on her....and its so nice when we can always count on her, the kids feel very confident with her as teacher for their competitions, we all love her...."- Patricia Peoples, Parent


"Hi Shanta'-First of all I LOVE your email address, it is totally you, you are for sure a firecracker dancer!!!

I want to thank you for one of the best five months of my two girls' dance experience. They really worked hard and got their splits without being yelled at or threatened, which is awesome and I applaud you many times. Your jazz class made them LOVE JAZZ!!! and it's because of your determination and spunkyness that made that class of only 3 come alive!!! We treause that time and look back at the recital DVD with excitement in watching what they can do and how far they have come now because of the drive you put into them.
THANK YOU .......THANK YOU.......THANK YOU!!!!!"-Penny R., Parent
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